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"FAST aims to create the conditions of responsiveness and flexibility necessary to anticipate the profound transformation of the Renault Group business model in the mobility market. With my team, we are working, for example, on the deployment of agility within certain departments. Each employee finds a fundamental interest with a desire to simplify everyday action. They all realized the importance of intra and inter-team collaboration".

Benjamine Vo Vinh, Director Transformation Consulting, People, Change & Management

"The FAST mission I'm working on is to support the transformation of the Customer Experience Domain, which develops digital services and tools to deploy in countries. My role is to facilitate the appropriation of new methods of working in agile mode within the team by co-constructing a vision, objectives, rituals and modes of operation »

Isabelle Chenet, Manager Transformation Consulting

"I'm currently working on a FAST mission called 'Data Driven Marketing'. It involves implementing key golden rules in digital media to spend smarter on our search, programmatic or social campaigns. By reorienting certain campaigns and tracking new KPIs, we have managed to generate a gain of more than 15% in some countries. Running in agile mode, has allowed us to release several benefits".

Lucie Mérieux, Consultant Transformation

The FAST mission entrusted to me is based on three approaches: the organization of all the divisions of the Group to break down the silos and shorten the decision-making circuits; the launch of PoC (Proof of Concept) to introduce new modes of operation, always in a logic of test & learn; the cultural transformation component to support teams in change. The benefits are already visible and the release of the Clio V is the proof! The development of connected services has been done by cross-functional teams, who operate in agile mode: decisions taken faster than in the past with employees fully involved in making choices, developing, deciding and living their passion for cars and cars. mobility.

Juliano Naoufal, Senior Transformation Consultant


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